"Working together for truth, justice, reconciliation and peace in South Sudan"

About the Transitional Justice Working Group


With growing awareness of the importance of civic engagement in the initiatives being proposed to establish sustainable peace in South Sudan, a group of experienced civil society organizations (CSOs) began meeting in 2014. Their discussions focused on transitional justice and reconciliation issues. At a meeting conducted by the Human Rights Development Organization and the Dialogue Research Initiative and other CSOs in 2015, the CSOs resolved to formalize a civil society Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG).

The TJWG is a platform to promote transitional justice in South Sudan. It aims to support the implementation of Chapter V of the ARCSS and to provide an interface between national and international transitional justice stakeholders and the official transitional justice processes. The TJWG aims to act as a platform to advocate for transitional justice and provide an interface between civil society and national and international transitional justice stakeholders; to promote understanding about the transitional justice process; to coordinate civil society support to the transitional justice mechanisms in the peace agreement; and to support victims and other persons affected by the conflict to have their voices heard.

Vision and Mission


Inclusive and victim-centered transitional justice processes are effectively implemented in South Sudan by the year 2021.


To advocate for transitional justice in South Sudan, coordinate and support civil society initiatives on transitional justice, and to coordinate civil society initiatives with those of all other stakeholders, with a focus on the implementation of the transitional justice provisions in the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS).

Structure and Members

The TJWG is a coalition of pre-existing civil society organizations (CSOs), representatives of women’s groups and faith-based organizations interested or engaged in transitional justice initiatives, and complemented by experts in the subject matter.

The TJWG is managed by a Core Team of the seven founding organizations, complementing each other in their respective organizational strengths related to transitional justice:

Become a Member of the TJWG

Membership of the TJWG is open to any civil society organisation or individual whose interests and activities intersect with transitional justice issues in South Sudan. Membership is free. The acceptance of members, and their continued membership will be subject to the following documents: Criteria for Membership, and a Code of Conduct for Members.

Get Involved

Thematic Subgroups

Each led by one member organisation, subgroups facilitate focused discussions of relevant issues, and focus the implementation of the TJWG’s work.  Subgroups are:

  • Truth and reconciliation
  • Accountability
  • Reparation and compensation
  • Research
  • Human rights documentation
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Legislation
  • Public consultations
  • Memorialisation

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