"Working together for truth, justice, reconciliation and peace in South Sudan"



The TJWG has four primary objectives:

  1. To act as a platform for CSOs to advocate for transitional justice and support implementation of the transitional justice provisions in the peace agreement, and to provide interface between civil society, and national and international transitional justice stakeholders.
  2. To promote understanding, consensus and clarity about the terms, procedures, impacts and expectations of processes of transitional justice, through dialogue, debate, research and civic education.
  3. To coordinate civil society support to the transitional justice mechanisms of Chapter V of the Peace Agreement: the Hybrid Court for South Sudan (HCSS); the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing (CTRH); and Compensation and Reparation Authority (CRA) and to promote accountability, reconciliation, truth-telling and reparations processes.
  4. To support the documentation of violations of human rights and other crimes.


To accomplish these objectives, the TJWG will engage in a range of activities including:

  • Carrying out a comprehensive mapping of civil society transitional justice initiatives at the national, state, county, and payam levels and identifying capacity-building and training needs
  • Conduct training on transitional justice for key stakeholders
  • Conducting civic education and awareness raising on the concepts, mechanisms, institutions, and processes of transitional justice.
  • Advocating and lobbying on the establishment of the HCSS, CTRH, and CRA
  • Holding a series of community consultations on the Constitution drafting process
  • Supporting the reconciliation and peacebuilding processes of faith-based organisations and traditional leaders, at national and community levels
  • Support the documentation of violence, crimes, testimonies and witness/victim statements

Help us build a peaceful and reconciled South Sudan